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Our Vision

We are Kido Games, the new digital playground where kids can enjoy a variety of fun and educational games while assuring parents a safe “Ad & Purchases Free" environment.
The Kido Experience opens the door to endless hours of fun for your kids, games that are focused on their creativity, allowing them to express themselves and experiment with different skills and activities.
Kido Games puts your children’s digital safety first, which is why we will NEVER display them advertisements or offer them IAP (In App Purchases) to progress in our games.

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Our Vision

Our Games

Kido Pizzeria

Let’s make some Pizza!
Kids, come play and bake your favorite Pizza from scratch, we promise you all the fun of making a real one but without the mess it creates in the kitchen.
Follow the steps and create your perfect Pizza, here at Kido we think all Pizzas are great!
Young boys and girls will love this game, they can cook Pizza for everyone in the family and “eat” them together.

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Kido Driving Adventures

Choose your vehicle and go on a fun drive in the forest or on the beach, solve fun puzzles along the way and explore new and exciting terrain!
This game will teach your kids to use their logical thinking and improve problem solving skills.
Go on an ever changing adventure, discover new characters and mini games.

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Our Games

Kido Ice Cream

Who's ready for some Ice Cream?
Kids, in this game you will make Ice Cream from scratch!
Mix, chop, decorate and make your favorite Ice Cream.
We have lots of flavors and cones to choose from, pick your favorite and decorate it with a variety of yummy toppings.
Don't forget to eat your awesome Ice Cream and imagine what it would taste like! Everyone in the family will love this game, specifically designed for young boys and girls to enjoy.

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Kido Cookies

Young bakers, Let’s bake Cookies!

Who doesn't love the smell of freshly baked Cookies?

In this game you can make as many as you want, mix your favorite ingredients and create a giant Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Place your Cookie in the oven and imagine all the great smells, once it is ready pick from a variety of yummy toppings and pick your favorite plate.

Oh and don't forget to eat your Cookie!

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Kido Coloring Book

Color, Paint, Draw and Sketch!
Choose from a collection of fun and kids safe drawings and paint them using different tools and colors.
Push your creative boundaries and create your own beautiful art. Experiment using the paint brush or the paint bucket, sketch with the pencil and be proud of your work!
Everyone in the family will love this game, specifically designed for young boys and girls to enjoy.


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